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Team Coaching

Memorability helps companies achieve this synergy in three ways:

Team cohesion

For a specified period, we work directly with the team as it is organised and operates, helping all members to reframe their personal behaviours and redirect their efforts to supporting the team.

Team cohesion: a winning advantage

  • Raising awareness of team values and workings (relationships, communication, decision-making, organisation)
  • Improving flexibility and ability to integrate change
  • Re-examining beliefs, strategies and repetitive and unproductive group behaviours
  • Strengthening team cohesion through better communication
  • Preventing conflicts
  • Identifying complementary elements within the team
  • Determining strategies for growth and progress
  • Facilitating a new group-oriented approach combining increased autonomy, accountability and cooperation

Team building

By placing your team in a new environment, tailored to your objectives, Memorability helps you to build team spirit and explore ways to work with your team to motivate and move them forward, to connect them with a common purpose and thus reap the benefits of optimal performance. Team building uses fun and dynamic learning tools such as games and challenges to allow people to identify and solve professional problems outside of their work environment.

Team building allows you to turn work into play by:

  • Using fun learning activities to enhance dialogue and sharing
  • Creating a climate of openness allowing all participants to demonstrate their strengths, and gain confidence in themselves and their team members
  • Facilitating interpersonal relations and sharing
  • Demonstrating the unique effectiveness of team synergies and teamwork
  • Identifying positive emotions and memories
  • Stimulating enthusiasm and creativity

Motivational coaching for large groups

To add impact to your meetings and conferences, give your presentations an emotional punch and leave your audience wanting more, Memorability offers your presenters specific guidance and coaching in motivational speaking.

  • Conceptualising and drafting of motivational speeches
  • Research and selection of topics and motivational speakers
  • Strategic and operational assistance in organising large-scale meetings for staff or key customers
  • Individual guidance in speaking in front of large groups
  • Media training