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Individual Coaching

Coaching is a powerful business tool that can help establish the proper balance between human needs and professional challenges. Offering genuine individual guidance based on a powerful questioning technique, coaching stimulates individuals to find their own solutions and put them into practice to achieve lasting change.

Individual coaching helps people clarify professional issues, find effective solutions, understand their priorities and set and achieve goals. Above all, it helps them to know themselves better and to thereby create a life that offers greater balance and satisfaction.

Our coaches base their work on three fundamental concepts:

  • Goals: to focus attention on what the individual wants and how to achieve it

Memorability is the catalyst that can help you develop the knowledge, skills and interpersonal behaviours that will support you in achieving your life plan. We help you develop the self-esteem and self-confidence necessary to successfully steer your career or prepare you for an important career change.


Individual and corporate coaching: a winning advantage

  • While focused on the individual, coaching strongly impacts company performance
  • Increased confidence in personal abilities
  • Achieving greater autonomy
  • Rediscovering the power to act
  • A fresh perspective on situations
  • A wider context on work/life issues
  • Developing creativity

Memorability specialises in corporate coaching on four levels:

  • Business leaders
  • Company owners
  • Senior executives
  • Junior executives and managers

Coaching interactions most often involve:

  • Self-management
  • Career advancement
  • Preparing to take decisive action
  • Optimising performance by learning to identify needs and priorities
  • Clarifying professional situations
  • Resolving relational and operational difficulties
  • Achieving an internal balance that matches professional and personal values
  • Managing change-based stress
  • Boosting motivation and performance in times of significant corporate change
  • Strengthening overall vision and learning to view issues objectively and from a different angle